Operating systems.... everyone has a favorite, and some folks are more enthusiastic about their computer choices they preach it from the mountain top. Well, here's my take on the whole world of operating systems.

It's no secret, I build, and support Microsoft Windows computers. I feel that the computers we build here are built to a higher quality standard compared to other makers, but that's a topic for later.

Basically, a computer is a tool. It's a machine that can do most any function someone can manage to program it to do. Computers are doing more and more things at every turn, and even your mobile phone and satellite dish box are a form of computer. Some computers are made to do one specific function (computer appliance) and others are open ended, waiting to be told what to do.

Since a computer is just a device that will execute whatever instructions it's given, that is both the best and worst part of it. The up side is that with a well written, well designed program, it can do almost ANYTHING that can be dreamed up. The down side, is that a poorly written program can make a computer system misbehave... and an intentionally malicious program can really cause some serious damage.

Now, we have basically 3 competitors for the personal computer OS of choice. Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. There's up sides and down sides to both. Let's start with the positives.

Windows-- Runs on a wide range of readily available hardware. Over 4 million programs exist for Microsoft Windows. Systems are standardized. Virtually any computer you could dream of building will be able to run Microsoft Windows. The most advanced realistic 3D Games are available for Windows. Support is available. Almost all computer hardware and accessories will run with Windows.

Mac OS-- Based on FreeBSD, a Unix clone, MacOS is exclusive to Apple computers. Approximately 20,000 programs exist for MacOS. Apple supports MacOS well.

Linux-- Linux runs on most general computer hardware. Almost all of the software for Linux OS's are free. There's no start up cost to running Linux. For those who like to program, the open source programs allow them to make customizations.

Although all are good choices, the simple fact that Windows has the most hardware choices, by FAR the most software choices, and the computer itself can be built in whatever configurations. Couple that, with all of the competition for hardware keeping prices low, and it's not a huge surprise that Windows is the dominant force.

in 1984, While the personal computer world was typing at command lines on AppleII's or DOS based IBM styles, the Macintosh really could have stolen the whole entire market. The 1984 Mac was a small, well engineered, easy to use system......... that didn't have many programs...... so it didn't do that much compared to the IBM counterparts. Thus, Microsoft came back with Windows and a good deal of Windows programs... and won yet another battle. IBM tanked with OS/2.... remember that?

The Number ONE reason that Windows is still the king is simply because you can do more with a Windows computer. More quality software exists for Microsoft Windows than for ANY other operating system. Of course, there's a lot of rotten software for Windows too... but that's where the wisdom of a veteran technician can help.

Feel free to consult us on your next Windows computer... or Linux system if you want go that way.... Premium Computer Systems is pleased to offer high quality reliable hardware in every computer system.