The most dangerous word on the internet is indeed the word "FREE". The number one reason Internet Explorer experiences technical problems is due to the "FREE" toolbars and enhancements.

There are lots of very good things online that they don't charge for... but here's just a few to watch for.

Adobe Reader/Adobe Flash. -- I guarantee with each download or upgrade, it's going to want you to take Google Chrome, Google Toolbar, or McAfee Security scan. You already know what I think of Google... do we really need to give McAfee free ads on your PC?

Panda Cloud, Clamwin, and other freeware Antivirus -- Trust me, you DON'T need or want the free toolbar that takes over all your search settings and changes your homepage.

I could go on and on and on. There's lots of very useful products, but if they are not billing you or popping ads up at you, they are likely offering you some "FREE" junk that will.