It's a given that just about every business has high speed internet installed. It's more or less a mandate to keep things going. We order supplies, file warranties, and manage accounts using it. So why do many business and home users still use the "Bell" system for telephones? Just because we've always done it that way, doesn't mean there isn't a better way. Thanks to the power of the internet, telephone service now costs a fraction of what it once did.

You mean like Vonage??? Sort of... but better. Even Vonage is too expensive, they have contracts, their help desk doesn't speak the best English.... I could go on. VOIP, Voice Over Internet is a great solution to curbing costs, and when properly implemented, works as well as your existing phone system at a greatly reduced cost.

There's been lots of excuses in Lorain County of why folks haven't made the switch to VOIP, and most have been valid. First off, Centurylink's telephone numbers are NOT easy to move to VOIP carriers. Most VOIP providers can't do it. CallCentric can! We at Premium Computer Systems have been able to save regional businesses and residences up to $200 per month on phone costs! The CallCentric system's pricing is based totally on how much you are actually are on the phone. Most of us are on the phone for a few hundred minutes per month. 300 minutes of phone use would lead to a phone bill costing less than $10 each month. Calls to anywhere in North America cost the same, whether a few miles away, or many. If you have Centrylink, Windstream, Time Warner, WowWay, AT&T, or even Vonage... I can get your bills lower with a change over to CallCentric. I'll gladly detail all the costs of the system, so there are zero surprises. Even with breaking bundles, clients lower their monthly invoices easily. Most phone providers charge $40/mo or more, and some on top of that charge extra for Long Distance. You would have to be on the phone for well over 2000 minutes to approach that initial $40 cost.

Please take a moment to consider the savings you could receive. We will gladly review your current phone costs, and work up a plan to reduce your phone costs. Most clients save over 50%!!

You can have a look at at the CallCentric site.... but you'd be better off phoning us,