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Monday, May 13 2013

Everything is going to data........

Virtually every service we need in our homes and businesses is now Data. With the exception of those clinging to the bell system for telephony, it's all data.

With the dawn of Digital television, satellites and cable are just delivering 1's and 0's... If you have Digital phone, or VoIP, it's just more data.

If telecommunication companies are going to survive, it's all about data. A few have seen the writing on the wall. Verizon is working on FIOS fibre optic, Time Warner is getting their speeds up...

Soon, TV as we know it will likely be delivered as an on demand data stream. Netflix and Hulu have the right idea.

Just some things to think about. If you have ROCKET fast data access, Phone, TV, etc. become very cheap to have. It's all about data.

Monday, September 17 2012

Put on your tin foil hats kids........ It's going to be a fun adventure! aka. Is Google an evil Big Brother?

Hmm.... Before you just say I'm crazy and like to hang out in bomb shelters, Have a look at a few things around here. Once upon a time, the internet was a place pretty much free of advertising. Do you remember that time? If you do, you likely remember BBS's and when 14.4 was FAST for a dial-up. It used to be the etiquette that you didn't spam anything, or anyone. Commercial ads were a big no-no.

Of course, that eventually changed, and now there's more ads than content online. Seems like many of the ads lead to scams, and there's nothing more annoying than the "Junkware" that has been written just to get ads all over your computer. In all of this, one group has officially made this once taboo internet thing into big business. If you don't know the answer, I'll give you just one guess.


Huh? Yeah, these guys are the BIGGEST spammers on the web. The email clowns are coming from all over, but hands down the biggest spammer of the web is Google. But it gets worse.

Have you ever tried any Google product? Google Earth? Google Voice? Whatever...... Well, even if you uninstall it, Google is likely still keeping tabs on you. SAY WHAT? Google keeps track of you through cookies and software on your computer to know who you are, who you talk to, who you email, where you like to go... and they keep it on file for at least 18 months. They claim it's for helping target the right ads to you. I think there's more to it than that.

Essentially, Google has their finger in so many parts of your world, that even if Google is NOT being evil with the information, anyone who breaks in to Google is going to have lots of information to play with.

You can call me a tin-foil hat wearer if you like, but I really want Google out of my way. I have a few neat tricks that will help you out with that. I highly recommend visiting Fanboy's Ad-Block home page.

They have auto-block lists you can ad to most any browser, such as IE or Firefox. I doubt they'd do you any good on Chrome since you're inviting Google to spy on you by using it in the first place.

The most Dangerous word online is FREE. There's lots of good free things, but there's 5 evil ones for every 1 good one.