VoIP Service for Residential, Small or Home Office.

Although critical to communication, telephone service does not need to be expensive. Using your existing high speed internet connection, we can transfer your numbers to one of our preferred VoIP carriers. You can keep your existing home/office phone system, as it can easily be fitted with an inexpensive ATA Device. They are for sale at CheapVoipAdapters.com


How it works:

  1. Instead of a copper pair of wires transmitting your voice, your voice is sent across the world over the internet.

  2. Your monthly costs are based entirely on your phone usage. Bills are calculated based on minutes used and features ordered.

  3. All systems include Caller ID, Voicemail, Call Waiting and 3-Way Calling at no additional charge.

  4. All calls in North America are the same low per/minute rate.

  5. Most residential and small office users see invoices of $10-$20 per month.

  6. VoIP service has far less taxes and there are no strange fees added to your monthly total.

  7. All calls are clearly documented online for your review.

  8. Invoices are easy to understand, and normally result in a major savings.

  9. Call quality is usually better than analog lines, with less “line noise”.


Our preferred residential and small office carrier is CallCentric .

One of our representatives would be happy to discuss your current phone system with you, and provide you with the solution that would meet all of your needs while reducing costs greatly.